Common Questions

In this page you will find out what we can take when is related to Rubbish Removal and a few of the most common questions to help you with your service.

What We Can TakeCommon Questions

What We Can Take

Dealing with rubbish is not a frequent task for most of the people, so below you will find out some details about what we can take in your rubbish collection.

Household Waste

Do you have junk piling up at home? Are you quickly running out of space, or are you simply allowing household junk to accumulate? 2ND LIFE Rubbish Removal can assist you in resolving all of your rubbish issues! Sometimes we produce so much waste due our consumption and is not always that we can fit or dispose of them by ourselves.

Don’t stress yourself out over your garbage pile; instead, contact us right away! When it comes to sustainable, quick and affordable rubbish removal services in Sydney, we simply cannot be beat.

We provide the best value household rubbish removal in Sydney while remaining sustainable, fast and efficient. We place a high value on our customers and work hard to provide them with the best services possible.


Moving boxes and disposing of unwanted furniture can be a challenge, whether you are moving, renovating, or getting rid of broken and old furniture. Getting furniture out of your home could not be easy. For that, our furniture collection team at 2ND LIFE are experts in furniture disposal in Sydney. You don’t have to be concerned about how you’ll get your fridge, sofa or bed down two flights of stairs and disposed of.

2ND LIFE are the leading furniture removalists in Sydney, with the knowledge and industry expertise to remove old, unwanted furniture without damaging any property. We handle both residential and commercial relocations.

Appliances and White Goods

Appliances and White Goods as other items also has their life time, and if you decide that is no longer good for you we will collect them for you and find their place to be recycled.

Electronic Waste

We collect Electronic Waste and give to them the right destination. Televisions, monitor screens, printers, radios, speakers, heaters, fans, laptops, computer parts, home theaters, toasters, microwaves, and much more could be collected from 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal.

Mattresses and Beds

Mattresses and beds could be very hard to get rid of them yourself as there are not many different ways to dispose them. We do it for you.

Carpets and Flooring

We take everything that we can take as is ready to go. The same happens with Carpets and Flooring.

Newspaper, documents and cardboards

We collect newspaper, documents, cardboards and much more to give the right destination to them in order to be recycled separately always when possible.

Scrap Metals and Old Tools

Scrap metals and old tools could be collected and recycled instead tipping them with mixed waste. We do it for you.

Backyard Offcuts and Waste

We collect backyard offcuts and waste. Our staff will take everything that is ready to go and wipe it down for you.

Plastics and Rubber

Plastics and Rubber can also be collected and separated in order to be recycled. We collect them for you.


Glasses usually are considered hard and dangerous to carry. Our staff are experienced and have all the tools and conditions to remove it securely for you in order to be disposed sustainably.

Construction and Renovation Waste

Constructions and Renovations customers can count with 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal as well. We collect everything that we are allowed to in order to dispose the items in an eco friendly way.

Green Waste and Garden Rubbish

Backyard full of leaves and garden waste? We will clean it up for you.

Rocks and Stone

Heavy job? Leave it with us. We will collect and dispose them for you.

Timber and Decking

We collect timber and decking. We clean it all for you.

What We Can Not Take

In order to keep our service real eco friendly and sustainable there are a few items that we cannot take as they may contaminate the load of rubbish.

We always inspect materials before collection but it is customer responsibility to describe what contains in their load of rubbish. So please make sure that you tell us before hand if you have any of these items in your load.

*The items in this list does not mean that we could not take at all, but service is due to consultation of availability and extra fees could applies.

Chemicals and Paints
Car Parts
Explosives, Gas bottles, Sensitive Documents, and others hazardous items.


Where does 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal works?
We serve all greater Sydney area.
Will I get the price before the collection?
Yes. We will give you with an estimate as soon as you contact us. We make every effort to ensure that this estimate is as accurate as possible. The more details you provide, the more precise we can be. When we come, we inspect your trash and provide you a firm estimate before proceeding with disposal.
What if 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal comes and I decline the job?
We give you an estimate price in order to give you a roughly idea based on the details that you gave to us. If our staff head to your place and you change your mind, it is ok. We just charge a call out fee related to the displacement to cover our costs from 50$ depending of your location.
What is the price of 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal?
We will provide quotes for each job that is given to us.
The price may vary based on your location, access, materials, volume and heaviness. Anyway we offer you an upfront pricing before beginning the work.
What if I have more rubbish after booking an appointment?
That’s perfectly OK. It’s not an issue if you find additional garbage after you’ve scheduled an appointment with us but before we come. When our team of experts arrives at your location, they will finalise your quotation, which will include any additional trash you’d need removed.
Do I need to be present to have my rubbish collected?
No. We may confirm with you over the phone if you can’t be there, as long as you’ve given us adequate access to the rubbish you’d like removed and it’s properly labelled.
What additional services you provide?
We also offer you Goods Collection , if you have items in good condition we will give to them a second life
Does 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal provides service after hours?
Yes, we offer Rubbish and Goods collection services seven days a week including after-hours. We collect and properly dispose of unwanted things at anytime. To make a reservation, call us at any time, even after 5 p.m. We provide same-day garbage disposal in Sydney and may even schedule multi-day collections if necessary. Extra charges may apply in some cases.
Do you provide discount for regular customers?
Yes, we do. Keep our clients on our base is one of our top priorities. Get in touch with us if you would like to be a regular customer and we will make sure to offer you a great deal.
How is a rubbish removal service different to hiring a skip bin?
In many respects, rubbish removal Sydney services differ from typical skip bin hiring. The most significant advantage of using a rubbish removal service is that all of your trash is collected on the same day, eliminating the need for a big skip bin or many skip bins to wait outside your home. 

We’ve observed several situations when skip bins have led in complaints from residential neighbours. Skip bins have been left out in the rain and sun for far too long, inviting rats into residential areas.