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    It’s well known that waste is part of our world based on our consumption habits and dealing with it may be quite difficult.

    Using 2ND Life Rubbish Removal services make it really easy to handle, once we are a premium same day service company with experienced staff, we will not only collect them from you but we will also give them the right destination.

    As mentioned above, we will separate what is junk properly and dispose of it nicely, safely and sustainably.  Our staff are prepared to deal with everything that you could expect from a junk specialists company.

    We are passionate about building a better world offering a premium waste removal service, so just leave it with us. Hassle free, same day services available. Quicker than the council cleanup, easier than loading up a skip bin, more sustainable and affordable than using a traditional rubbish removal service. 


    Climate changing is real and we have to do out bit.

    Here is where the magic of the rubbish reborn happens. 


    2ND LIFE Rubbish Removal has an effective way to help with the waste crisis by separating all the junk materials for each kind and disposing of them in specific recycling centres.

    By choosing a green company that separates the waste materials and dispose of them in specific recycling centres for each kind, we ensure that it will be recycled properly;
    By recycling properly we reduces the amount of waste in the landfill, and with it many of the secondary issues associated with them as: toxins, leaches and greenhouse gases emissions;
    By avoiding unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions coming from the landfill you help the climate changing situation by reducing our carbon footprints, giving to our planet time and better conditions to recover;

    Not sure yet?

    What is the difference between the alternatives below?

    Look no further, head to “Get a Quote” or call us now to get your junk removed today. 🙂

    Skip Bins

    Checkmark Kerbside collections only
    Checkmark Difficult to make an appointment
    Checkmark Everything goes to landfill
    Checkmark Limited volume and type
    Checkmark Often leaves a mess behind
    Checkmark Not sustainable, everything is taken as mixed waste


    Checkmark Same Day Service

    Checkmark Rubbish loaded by us for you

    Checkmark Sustainable Recycling

    Checkmark Appointment available

    Checkmark Fast & Reliable Service

    Checkmark Goods saved from the landfill

    Checkmark Easy payment and booking

    Checkmark Insured up to $5 million

    Checkmark Friendly service

    Checkmark You have to load yourself
    Checkmark Often you need more than one
    Checkmark Eveything goes to landfill
    Checkmark Bad looking and spacious
    Checkmark Often not as cheap as it seems
    Checkmark Council permit needed

    How It Works

    Booking a job with 2ND LIFE Rubbish Removal is simple. Check the 3 main steps below in order to say good bye to your junk:


    Submit details on our “Get a Quote” section to get a Free Quote.


    Our team will get in touch to find out a time that best suits you and will inspect your items to give you a quote.


    Once you approve your quote our team will collect your rubbish and good condition items straight away, or book an appointment for collection. 🙂