“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” 😉

Rubbish Removal made sustainable, collaborative and easy.

By using 2ND Life you are not only helping the planet but also helping people to find free and affordable good condition items.


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    The mission behind 2ND LIFE

    In this quick video you will get to know a bit more from us and why we do what we do. 🙂

    2ND LIFE


    At 2ND LIFE Goods & Rubbish Removal, our mission is to reduce waste in Sydney by rescuing good-condition items and donating them to those in need. Our team is committed to the circular economy, meticulously separating recyclables to minimize environmental impact.

    With affordable rates, transparent pricing, and hassle-free same-day services available six days a week, we ensure customer satisfaction. We offer environmentally conscious disposal by helping you clear unwanted items while making a positive impact on waste reduction in Sydney.

    Join us in our commitment to a cleaner, greener future for our community.

    SERVICES – Junk Removal


    Often moving home or clearing up unwanted items could be something exhausting.
    We can remove all kinds of waste, ensuring that they will be disposed of safely and responsibly.
    Reusable items will be saved for the re-home process.

    You can sit back and relax while we remove your items for you.

    Most of our rehoused items came from Rubbish Removal services in residential across Sydney area. Help us to keep up with the good work and book now a collection of your junk and unwanted items.

    Commercial: Office & Business

    Businesses closing down, or moving offices, is one of our specialities. We get rid of your junk and make this transition easier for your company. 

    From electronics, shelves, desks, glasses and much more, we are able to take it all.

    Reusable condition items will be saved for the rehoming process.

    All you have to do is point out what you don’t want to keep, and we will find the right destination by taking them away from your site.


    Honour your loved one’s memory by giving their belongings a second chance with 2ND LIFE Goods & Rubbish Removal.

    Our skilled team takes pride in saving good condition items from the landfill and giving them a new purpose. With compassionate attention to detail, we handle deceased estate cleanups with the utmost respect and care.

    Choose us for an eco-conscious solution that preserves cherished memories and benefits the planet.

    Real Estate Services

    We are great potential partners of real estate agencies as we offer special conditions to our real estate partners in goods and rubbish removal services.

    Get in touch and become a registered partner of the most eco-friendly rubbish removal company in Sydney. Your choice can make the difference.

    Green & Garden Waste Removal

     Why would you handle it yourself if we can do it for you?

    Our team is committed to give the best destination to your rubbish and the same applies for garden waste.

    We take everything that is ready to go, from green waste, tree stumps, leaves and more.

    We will leave your space tidy and clean again. Special rates applies, book a collection now.

    Construction & Renovation

    Removing rubbish from construction and renovation sites usually is a task that needs to be done as soon as possible to keep the ongoing work.

    We offer special conditions to our builders and renovation partners in rubbish removal services.

    Get in touch and become a partner of the most green company in rubbish removal in Sydney. Your choice can make the difference. Same day services available.

    How It Works

    Booking a collection with 2ND Life is easy.

    Check the 3 main steps below in order to quickly have your job done:


    Submit details on our “Get a Quote” section to get a Free Quote.



    Our team will get in touch to find out a time that best suits you and will inspect your items to give you a quote.



    Once you approve your quote our team will collect your rubbish and good condition items straight away, or book an appointment for collection. 🙂

    2ND LIFE



    At 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal, we intercept items before they reach landfills, rescuing perfectly good items through our 2ND LIFE Goods arm. These items are offered to the community at affordable prices or even for free, benefiting those in need.

    Partnering with charities, we ensure these goods find new homes. What sets us apart is our dedication to sustainability, actively reducing carbon emissions by diverting items from landfills. We believe in providing quality products without breaking the bank, while also raising awareness about waste’s impact on our planet.

    Join us in creating a more sustainable future. Learn more about our mission.

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    Introducing 2ND LIFE Goods Store, where we offer furniture, household appliances, and electronics to the community at no cost or affordable prices.

    ​… and we are just starting.

    Click the button below to explore our e-commerce platform and discover the range of second-hand products available. Find a variety of affordable and free items for your home today.

    CATEGORIES – Goods Re-Home

    Appliances, White Goods & electronics

    Fully functional, clean and in good looking condition appliances can be reused by finding a new home with 2ND LIFE Goods.

    For selected items such as Fridges, Washing Machines, Dryers, Microwaves, TV’s, Laptops, and much more, we may be able to save them from the landfill. 

    Our team will go to your place, provide you with a quote based on inspection and take them away. 


    We save items from the landfill for a variety such as furniture for living room, bedrooms, decoration, outdoor area and much more. 

    For selected items such as Sofas, Beds, Mattresses, Entertainment Units, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Wardrobes and much more, we may be able to save them from the landfill.

    Our team will go to your place, provide you with a quote based on inspection and take them away.

    Office & Business

    If you are moving, closing down or just no longer need some of your furniture you can count on us for an efficient and sustainable way to get rid of your items.

    For selected items such as Desks, Cabinets, Chairs, Electronics and much more, we may be able to save them from the landfill.

    Our team will go to your place, provide you with a quote based on inspection and take them away. 

    Why to choose 2ND LIFE?



    We care about the future of our planet and that’s why we give a second life for items in good condition. Whatever is possible, we separate and redirect materials to specific recycling centres where they can be reused, saving them from the landfill. This makes our removal process more effective and sustainable.

    PREMIUM quality service

    We treat customers as human beings, and our planet as our home. You can make sure that you will get a fast, affordable and reliable service from a fully qualified, experienced and insured company. 


    Our solution not only helps yourself with a sustainable and premium service but will also extend to many others the benefit of getting free or affordable items in a collaborative and friendly environment.