A business with a mission

More than a Rubbish Removal company… we are a business with a mission.

We are a young company willing to make the very traditional process of rubbish and goods disposal more efficient, conscious and sustainable.

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An eco friendly option

Before opening 2ND LIFE we were collecting good condition items from the kerb to save from the council cleanup and addressing them a new home, by reselling or donating to people in need… After that our journey continued by working for a few companies in this field across Sydney.

We realised that it’s possible to offer Rubbish Removal services in a more affordable, transparent and sustainable way.

It is necessary that we, as human beings, start providing solutions to our ecosystem. We need to design businesses and services not only in a way to be profitable, but also to solve a macro problem of efficiency, working towards a circular economy in order to reduce CO² in our atmosphere and help address the climate crisis.

Just in our very beginning we have been giving a second life for more than 300 household items in good condition, saving them from the landfill and addressing them to people in need.

That is why 2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal was born. We exist not only to offer the disposal of rubbish as a service, but to help this transition to happen.

It’s time to turn up!

Our Mission

2ND Life Goods & Rubbish Removal is a business with a mission. Our mission consists in offering premium services in Rubbish Removal and Goods Re-home, treating customers as human beings and the planet as our home.

Our Values

We value sustainability, transparency and efficiency with our planet and people. We encourage ourselves to build the future that we want to live. For this, our business means much more to us than the revenue it brings.

Joao Soares

Co-founder and mastermind of 2ND Life, is a native entrepreneur from Brazil, has plenty of experience with management, sales and marketing.

Currently living in Sydney, Australia, thinks and works for a cause he believes in, which is making the planet a better place to live in.

Denis Correa

Co-founder and in charge of operation and management of 2ND Life, is a native problem solver and has plenty of experience with events management and commercial field.

Currently living in Sydney, he is together in this journey towards the circular economy.